Letterpress book

A Miniature

‘A Miniature’ is the first book of the poems of Jeff Johnson (1941–2017). Best known as a painter of intricate miniatures – Anthony Green called him ‘the greatest miniaturist that Britain produced in the twentieth century’ – Johnson also wrote poetry throughout his adult life. He made no attempt to publish this work, although when his wife Serena entered one of his pieces to the Cheltenham Poetry Prize in 1978, it won, alongside an entry by Craig Raine. ‘A Miniature’ includes sixteen of Johnson’s poems.

It is designed by Christopher Wilson at Oberphones, typeset by Phil Treble and Christopher Wilson at Muttons & Nuts, and printed letterpress by Phil Treble. The Prussian blue cover cloth and bright orange foil-blocked title and endpapers are reminders of colours found in Johnson’s paintings, and the frontispiece shows an enlarged detail of one of his drawings. The book is an edition of fifty copies, only twenty of which are available for purchase.

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