With over 25 years’ experience of design and 8 years in letterpress printing I offer commissions, collaborations and soon… letterpress workshops.

Muttons & Nuts is an artist’s studio at Calf House Studios in Bishop Burton, East Yorkshire, specialising in letterpress printing. My name is Phil Treble and after growing up in Hull and gaining a degree in Typography and Graphic Communication from the University of Reading, I worked for Sotheby's, Penguin Books and Cambridge University Press as a designer.

My own work draws on my expertise in typographic design. I print and bind limited edition books and create art prints. I have recently printed a personal book for my family of my late Grandmother’s poetry and have just finished an edition of the old Scottish folk ballad, The Young Tamlane. My print, Misguided Angel was selected for the Ferens Open 2019 at Ferens Art Gallery in Hull.

I am a committee member of the Oxford Guild of Printers and a member of the Fine Press Book Association.

Why Muttons & Nuts?

My press name relates to the space between the letters. There are different widths of spacing for each size of type, all based around the square of the type size body called the Em. The em is then split into halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and sometimes sixths. Half an em is an en. The names of these come from an ‘M’ being roughly square and and ‘N’ being half the width. In ye olde days, compositors in a busy composing room would often mishear because em and en sound similar, so they named them muttons and nuts.

I’ve produced this handy spacing table which explains it visually and numerically:

Spacing widths for hand typesetting


  • February 2016: In the beginning was the word – An Exhibition of Letters; cut, written and printed, Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire
  • February 2019: Ferens Open, ‘Misguided Angel’ limited edition print.